Welcome to the Hawaii Resistance!


There is a battle for the future of earth unfolding all around you. Whatever has brought you to the Hawaii Resistance, welcome. Whether you are a veteran fighter for the faction, or a complete newcomer who is only just beginning to see the invisible forces at play, we invite you to join us.

Hawaii ResistanceThe Hawaii Resistance is part of a global movement dedicated to fight the invasive influence of the so-called “Enlightened” here in the islands. We stand strong in the face of invading forces that, much like the Western colonizers of our not-so-distant past, claim to be bringing a new world order… but truly threaten to change our way of life — the human way of life.

Here you will find news of Hawaii Resistance missions and activities, contests, member profiles, and information on major changes unfolding on the battlefield — both in the islands and beyond.

For the uninitiated, we encourage you to learn more about Ingress and the Resistance, and get connected with the team and join the battle to defend humanity.

Hangout for Newbies

Are you brand new to Ingress? Looking for more personal, focused guidance in getting started? The Hawaii Resistance has a dedicated Google Hangout (essentially a group chat room) for new faction members. Through ongoing, casual conversation, we can help you take on your first portal, link, field, and so on, and at the same time get to know the local community.

To join, just send an email to Teamn00bhi@gmail.com. You will also need to have Google Hangouts installed (available for Google Chrome, iOS, and Android).

Operation San Juan Bautista

A cross-faction, trans-Pacific operation creating parallel Resistance and Enlightened links from Japan to California via portals at Turtle Bay in Hawaii. San Juan Bautista (“St. John the Baptist”) was one of Japan’s first Japanese-built Western-style sailing ships. She crossed the Pacific in 1614… 400 years ago.

Check out some photos from the operation:



Threading the Needle….. from 6000km away….

The Hawaii Resistance played a critical role in moving artifact number 5 “Advance” from New Caledonia (yes, the country!) to its destination portal in Austin, Texas, USA. This required a lot of global planning as well as locally, a push to get enough players to hike up to Makapu’u Lighthouse in the dark. Congratulations to our hard working, tireless and enthusiastic agents who made this possible!

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Pacific Gigafield

Pacific Gigafield

Good morning, and welcome to the New Year of The Resistance.

At exactly 22:57 HST, on the 31st of December, 2013: a Megafield, the likes of which have never before been seen, was created by The Resistance. This field spanned across the Northern Pacific Ocean between Hawaii, Alaska, and California, encompassing a staggering 5,720,986 km^2; the largest Field to date, and the first Field ever created wherein a VRLA was utilized to form a link between each Anchor, proving, once and for all, the viability and stability of all future VRLA Megafields; certain to be reemphasized, improved, and capitalized upon, in upcoming operations. This was merely the First of M(e)any.

Thanks are in order.

Additional thanks and recognition are due for his exceptional efforts, unmatched ability, tireless dedication, and personal sacrifice, to +Mark Dobson (@ogdobber). You did this. You convinced me it was possible. You twisted my arm.

From the official sitrep posted in the Ingress Community on Google+ by @Meany.

Operation Pacific Diamond

Blue Big Island

SITREP courtesy Hawaii Resistance agent allbiznessa:

The members that assisted in “Operation Pacific Diamond” were Devin Magallanes (rxxxdevin), Vanessa Houle (allbiznessa), Jake Joao (triffidstrike), Maliko T. (liko78), Bryson Carvalho (iRTrollBKC), and Brett Henderson (THEVINDICATOR).

Planning for this started with Devin back in July 19, 2013. There was a final pizza party at our place (Vanessa and Devin’s house) on Oct. 5 to map out the island field and possible inter-island links to Oahu and Maui:



There was a failed attempt to field the island on Oct. 19 Our enemies got to it before we had a chance to recharge:


The last few days I redrew the island field:


Yesterday I traveled alone to the West Side to complete a few perimeter links. Today, Nov. 16, Devin and I made the trip up to Onizuka Center for International Astronomy to rain down links and make the fields:


Here’s a picture of us at sunset after making all the fields at the top of the mountain:


Battle for Central Oahu!

The Battle for Central Oahu rages on. Over the past several weeks the resistance has made headway in holding more ground. Gear availability has been better due to more resistance portals being online. The enlightened have continued to put up a significant battle and their will continue to be give and take to the game.. Long live the Resistance.